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PAIN RELIEF GEL - 4 oz or 8 oz
DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief Gel combines Arnica, a powerful, natural anti-inflammatory, with Camphor and Timed Release Menthol for deep pain relief from arthritis, sprains, muscle strains, backaches and joint pain. Dries clean with no oils and has a vanishing scent. DOCTOR HOY’S™ is safe for repeated use and relief lasts for hours. Also comes in 8 oz bottles.

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DOCTOR HOY’S™ Hot/Cold Therapy Packs

Dr. Hoys Therapy Packs can be used hot or cold. They are reusable and stay flexible when frozen. Durable, non‐toxic, and can be used in braces…A great add‐on to your DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief Gel or Arnica Boost! Available in four different sizes 6×10, 9×12, 10×15.

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DOCTOR HOY’S™ helps you Focus on your life, your game...NOT your pain™. Founded upon safe and natural pain relieving options, our goal is to help make your life healthier. Since 2001, we have been changing lives…let DOCTOR HOY’S™ be your go-to pain relief solution you can rely on over and over again!

AMP Personal Fitness is proud to provide the very best natural products to help relieve pain, decrease inflammation, and relieve sore muscles and joints. Great for use before and after exercise. 

Three powerful ingredients. Arnica. MSM. Aloe Vera. DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Arnica Boost attacks pain and inflammation by stimulating circulation. Designed for impact injuries, joint pain, arthritis, neuropathy, muscle soreness, and rapid bruise relief. Arnica Boost is unscented and has no sensation. Expect hours of relief! 

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The DOCTOR HOY’S™ Combo Pack  

It includes 4oz Pain Relief Gel, 3oz Arnica Boost, 9×12 Hot/Cold Therapy Pack, 3 Pain Relief Gel and 3 Arnica Boost Foil Packets.

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