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I am Health, and I am an Ironman

The past several years I have being told by several Doctors that I might have Kidney disease. They had me doing all kinds of tests and I was scheduled to see specialists. I was very frustrated by all this because I did not feel sick nor did I have the time to be seeing all these doctors. I was worried though, that my dreams of competing in my first Ironman in November would be shattered! My trainer, Mel Batterman, suggested that I try Shakeology, she felt that it could help build up my nutrition and balance out what ever was going on with my kidneys. I had blood drawn two days ago and all my levels were normal!! The Doctor was shocked and wanted to know what I had done different!! 

 Andrea J. - Las Vegas, NV (2015)


For 5 years Coach Mel encouraged me to keep trying - not to just "lose weight", but to live healthy. I would start-stop-regain-quit-start all over. Then 2 1/2 years ago I finally found my stride. She has encouraged me, encouraged me to workout even at a size 5X, answered questions, gave me nutritional advice, and most of all never stopped cheering me on!

Roughly 200 pounds later and I am healthier than I have ever been thanks to encouragement from Coach Mel, friends, and couple of smart Doctor's. Coach Mel was finally able to convince me that I had to eat to lose weight. Thank you for all the advice and love over the last 5 years.

I am 45- mother to TWO special needs kiddos, soon to be a college grad and work in a field I love. I am healthier than ever, weigh less and am 3 sizes smaller than when I graduated high school.

If I can do it, by God's grace - anyone can!!!!

Love Ya Mel!

Thanks for never giving up on me!!!

Kim W.  - Joplin, MO (2015)


I have been a divorced mother of six for a decade this year. I had been a stay at home mom before that. I had always tried to work out and been a Beachbody girl, the original Power90, Hip Hop Abs.... I did okay for the first few years, but then I began the menopause journey and I quickly lost ground. I worked twelve to fourteen hours a day and felt I didn't have the time or energy to workout. I wouldn't eat all day then I would get home late at night, eat whatever I could find that was quick and go to bed. When I hit 184 lbs. I knew something had to give...I needed to put myself closer to the top of my list.

It was meeting my Personal Trainer and Beachbody coach, Mel Batterman that truly stared my journey to be healthy. Mel is very non-judgmental and supportive. She really helped me through my struggles, as I struggled to wrap my head around wanting to change my life for the better and being really committed to doing that. Once I decided that's what I really wanted to do she was there every step of the way to encourage me and give me "tough love" when I was ready to give up on myself.

My greatest challenge is nutrition. I was clueless. I started working with personal chef – Alice Conradt to help begin the process of getting me on track.  That really helped me but I had to move from Las Vegas so I was no longer going to be able to use her services or continue to train with Coach Mel. I needed to learn how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat for myself, as well as figure out what workouts to do and how to do them. That is when Coach Mel suggested the Ultimate Reset, Shakeology and the P90. The Ultimate Reset was marvelous! It was just what I needed! It taught me how to cook healthy delicious meals for one, when and how to eat to fuel my body, and that healthy food can be satisfying to your body and your taste buds! Shakeology is wonderful, I can have guilt free chocolate yumminess every day! P90 gave me muscles and definition that I have seen in anatomy books, but never on me before! I loved it!!! I was so excited with the progress I had made and look forward to continuing that progress. When I completed those programs with the encouragement of Coach Mel, I asked her what would be a great next step to continue the results I was looking for. Her suggestion was Focus T25. She had said that this would be a very different workout from P90, but a great change up from what I was doing so we would keep my body from plateauing.  Having Coach Mel be there every step of the way even though I lived across the country was great. I knew that I was always doing programs that were right for me, and I felt it was at a fitness level that I could achieve results. I liked that it progressed every month in intensity. There were times I had to use the modifications but I really liked them and new I would still get results.

​​This experience created my journey to kick into high gear with weight loss and inches being lost. I most like that I actually have muscles I can feel, and definition I can see!

I feel a million pounds lighter, not just in weight but the fact that I could live anywhere and have my coach to help me as I shed the previous discouragement and disappointment I had carried around with me. Those past feelings are over now, and have been replaced with satisfaction in working hard, doing every workout, and being committed to something that is just for me, and my health and well-being. 

Then to top it all off, I won $27,000 this year because of my commitment to myself, and the commitment that Coach Mel made to me.  I am grateful for Coach Mel and the fact that she has her Beachbody Business. Without her and her ability to help me from afar, I know I would not have achieved my goals.

Marcie W. - Las Vegas, NV (2015)


Four Months of Success! I cannot say enough good things about the person she is. Mel is the type of trainer who is in it for all of the right reasons. She is there to encourage, to push, to drag, and to inspire. She carries an uncanny ability to read people and know when they need to be pushed while maintaining the ability to not push so hard they feel she is against them. It's not just about the weekly sessions it's about building a solid foundation and working from there. With Mel it isn't about the quick fix. It's about the lifelong commitment to caring for yourself. It's doing things in a way that sets you up to live a life of health, fitness, and vitality. Mel inspires that daily by being the person she is. Her energy level is positive, she wants her clients to succeed, and she will stop at nothing to find a way to make that happen as long as they remain willing. I will forever be grateful for Mel's influence in my life and I will forever be inspired by her willingness to accept people for who they are while still pushing them to be the best version of themselves possible!. Jessica S. - Las Vegas, NV (2013)

Couldn't seem to lose my final ten pounds or gain muscle! I met with Melissa about three months ago. I was feeling run down and tired and unable to reach my goal of trimming down and not feeling tired. I was working out 4-5 days a week and have a very strenuous job. After talking with Melissa, she made me realize that it was my nutrition that was my roadblock. I signed up for a nutrition consultation program. She figured out the calories that I needed to be eating each day, broke down how much protein, carbs and fats I needed. I have been following her guidelines for the past three months and wow what a difference. I no longer feel run down and as if I am starving all day. I have trimmed/leaned up, losing 10 pounds of fat and gaining awesome muscle. I am right where I want to be and feel like a million bucks. Thanks! Gary P.  - Las Vegas, NV. (2012)

Mel made my Las Vegas trip even better! Mel, I just wanted to say thanks for personal training me while I was in Las Vegas. Why did I do personal training while I was visiting Las Vegas? I figured instead of spending the money in the slots, I would do something that would be better for me. It was hard at first, but I was excited to head down to the gym every morning for your fabulous workout routine. I am now training for a marathon with some people from work. The written workout routine you set up for me is great! Of course I don’t overdo it, but if it weren’t for meeting you I would not be doing this marathon. Thank you so very much for all your help you’re the BEST! Keep up the good work and when I am in Las Vegas I will definitely be contacting you. Also, if there is anyone I know is going to Las Vegas and wants to seek out a personal trainer; I will be giving out your name. Lisa W. - Windsor, Canada (2011)