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Danielle MacDonald

Intern Personal Fitness Coach and Nutrition Specialist

As a stay at home mother to my two amazing sons, I was never really one to ever workout or eat healthy. I started my fitness and health journey in June 2014. I had been going through some depression and frustration when I wasn't able to lose the baby weight I had gained after having my son in 2013.

I decided I needed to seek a personal fitness coach and nutritionist for help. I had hired Coach Mel and she was really able to get me motivated and eating healthier, and also educated me about fitness, nutrition, and the importance of being healthy. 

This ignited a passion within me about living a healthy lifestyle. I was able to set and achieve some of my goals, exercise regularly, run a few half-marathons, do numerous Tough Mudder events, and most importantly understand what it means to take care of my body and health inside and out. After about 6 months I achieved my weight loss goal of 40 pounds!!! What a great feeling!

Now I continue to live a healthy lifestyle (there is definitely NO going back!). Which is why I am here, as I now want to give back and help encourage and educate others. I especially want to help moms and women see that they can be healthy at any age and how important living a healthy lifestyle is for them and their children.

"Fitness is not about being better than someone else.... It's about being better than you used to be"




Coach Mel

Melissa (Mel )Batterman

Expert Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Specialist
Independent Team Beachbody Coach
Professional Fitness Entrepreneur 

Bachelor Degree
 - University Wisconsin Platteville

Certifications: Personal Fitness Trainer (CFT), Personal Lifestyle Fitness Coach (PLFC), Certified Nutritionist (CN), Nutrition & Weight Management Specialist (NAWM), Personal Fitness Program Director (PFPD), Sports Conditioning Specialist (SCS), Group Fitness Instructor (GFI), Indoor Cycling Instructor (ICI), Health & Fitness Program Supervisor (HFPS), Health & Fitness Program Manager (HFPM), Principles of Health & Fitness Specialist, Road and Mountain Bike Coach, Independent Beachbody Coach, COBRA Self Defense Instructor, and Certified in CPR, First Aid & AED.  

As an Expert Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, I make it my business to understand how the human body works and how my clients can best maintain and improve themselves. Although I was an athlete in my younger years, I went through a period of laziness and sloth, becoming fat and slowing down. I hit a low point. There was no doubt that I was living an unhealthy lifestyle, but it seemed that change was out of reach for me. That’s when I decided to stop making excuses. I struggled, I fought, and I found my way back to the straight and narrow path, losing weight the right way instead of bouncing back and forth.

I now have twenty years of experience as a fitness professional. Today, I am big into events and staying as active as possible. Now in my forties, I have maintained my current weight for the last seven years. My specialties are corporate health and wellness speaking engagements, professional and amateur training, cycling, weight loss, athletic competitions, injury recovery, and health industry entrepreneurship.

I have worked extensively with people who were once in shape, who fell out of shape, and who are now determined to get back into shape. At any age, I can help you to get back to your fighting weight, be more active, and become involved in whatever events you have in mind. You do not need to let this take over your life: many of my clients lead busy lives as parents or business professionals.

Maybe you are overweight, fat even. Maybe you are tired. Maybe you lack energy, lack confidence, lack motivation. You want to do the right things. You want to be a positive role model to the people around you, your children and your co-workers and your friends, the people who look up to you. At this point, however, it seems as if you are out of answers.

I can help you to overcome all of these limiting beliefs and get you into the best shape of your life. You will look better and feel better, and daily life, sleeping, and so much more will become easier. Forget about cravings. Forget about excuses. I will show you how to overcome all of the challenges you are facing so that you can show the world just what an incredible person you are. You have it in you… 
I know. Let’s bring it out together.